Multi-Disciplinary Proposal

GroupTeam MembersProposal TitleProposal Submission Status
Group 1
Engineering & Technology
Project Leader:
Dr. Tan Joi San

Project Leader 2:
Dr. Winnie Wong, LKC FES, CAICA

Project Leader 3:
Dr. Kwan Ban Hoe, LKC FES, CAICA
Digital Transformation and Automation for Traditional Industry Submit to UTAR Strategic Research Funding (UTARSRF)
Group 2
Science, Medical and health, TCM Centre for Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Centre for Agriculture and Food Research, Centre for Biomedical and Nutrition Research
Programme Leader:
Dr. Te Kian Keong & Dr. Tan Yen Nee
Faculty: FMHS, FSC

Project Leader1:
Dr. Ali Yassoralipour, FSc, CAFR

Member: Dr. Te Kian Keong

Project Leader 2:
Dr. Wong Fai Chu, FSc, CAFR

Dr. Te Kian Keong
Dr. Tan Yen Nee
Dr. Pedram Kashiani
Dr. Ong Mei Kying

Project Leader 3:
Dr. Kwong Phek Jin, FSc, CAFR

Dr. Te Kian Keong
Dr. Tan Yen Nee
Dr. Teh Lai Kuan
Dr. Clement Wong Kiing Fook
A Study of Utilizing Biodegradable Active Packaging Material from TCMSubmit to UTAR Strategic Research Funding (UTARSRF)
Group 3
Art and Social Science
Project Leader:
Ts. Dr. Tan Ooi Kuan

Dr Lim Ming Han
Dr Lee Yee Ling
Dr Woon Kai Siong
Ms. Lam Foong Sin
Investigating the Acceptance of Cyber Security in Disaster Control: Flood Management System
Submission to UTARRF funding 2023
Group 4
Teaching & Learning
Project Leader:
Dr Wei Chooi Yi

Dr Chin Chong Foh
Dr Lew Hoi Len
Dr Kwan Kai Hong
Dr Saraswathy a/p Thurairaj
Dr Surindar Kaur A/P Gurmukh Singh
Public Perception on Malaysian Education System: A Preliminary Analysis of Malay, English and Mandarin Press ContentsSubmission to UTARRF funding 2023
Group 5
In Collaboration with Taylor University
Project Leader:
Dr Foo Chai Nien

Prof Dr Lim Yang Mooi
Dr Ng Foong Leng
Dr Yao Siok Koon (Taylor University)
Dr Chua Lin Lin (Taylor University)
Prof Dr Sherina Bt. Mohd Sidik (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
The role of oral microbiota on the interactions between diet, traditional Chinese Medicine body constitutions and depression among private university students in Klang Valley, MalaysiaSubmission to UTARRF funding 2023